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We will be closing on Sundays Starting in 2023.

Stephanie Burke

Owner/Dog Groomer

Samantha Breeden

Dog Groomer

Emily Kulic

Dog Groomer

Briana Villa

Dog Groomer

Lauren Webb

Dog Groomer


Whether your fur baby is due for their next groom or you have family photos coming up we make sure your pet is clean and ready for their next photo shoot.

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Sanitary Groom

Sanitary grooms are offered to keep your pet looking freshly groomed between full haircuts or for shaping up the feathering on a double-coated breed.

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Bath and Brush

Baths are recommended for those furry friends that do not need a haircut but may start to get a bit smelly. Even our short haired friends benifit from a spa day every now and then!

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Our de-shedding treatment is great for double coated breeds.

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Will leave your pup feeling great!

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Teeth Brushing & Breath Spray

We offer a chicken flavored toothpaste and a flavored gel.

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Hair Coloring

Doggie hair dye to make your pup look fabulous.

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Paw Pad Treatment

Does your pup have dry paws?

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Feather & Gemstones

Add some extra style to your fabulous pup today!

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  • Conditioner
  • Teeth brushing
  • Breath spray
  • Facial cleanser
  • Paw pad treatment

Pricing: $15-$25
(Based on size)

Proof of rabies vaccination is required for all new clients. Tags are not valid.

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Raising the Bark

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